Fux wit me U know i got it

  1. yeah my biggest inspiration right there~ lol #Stewiilliams


  2. who wants some donuts?! #iamOTHER #OTHERnessisGOODness


  3. enjoy the fuck outta life! ha


  4. get like me?~! haha the chibi version of my biggest inspiration~


  5. Jahlil beat’s upcoming album ‘Genius’ cover artwork!


  6. Bart X Versace~ medusa head on me im at the hotel Barsace pallazo~ barsace barsace ~ haha hope yall enjoy~


  7. work hard play hard! #youalreadyknow


  8. yall gotta check jay parks ‘i like 2 party’ m/v out~ click to see the m/v

    ‘I like 2 party’


  9. Lets work! Lets work!! Lets work!!! #needsomeinspiration #somebodyhelpmeplz #lol


  10. haha this is my personal project ‘the famous panting X my favorite cartoons’~ this is Gauguin’s ‘Ave Maria’ haha